Luxury Look Without the Price Tag to Match

Being a wife, mom of 5 kiddos (+1 spoiled puppy) and business owner, requires a can do, superwoman, boss-like, I got this, kind of attitude. A fire inside of you that tells you, you got this and you will make it work.

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I can’t tell you how much I apply this attitude in my construction projects – from meeting with my clients, overcoming design obstacles and creating a beautiful space on a budget.

Speaking of budgets, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of honoring my client’s budgets. They often shower me with praise for somehow managing to meet all their design expectations without overdrawing their checking account. Believe me, I know it’s fun to make it rain – but when it comes to remodeling your home, splurging on excessive items IS NOT a necessity and can totally be avoided.

So today I thought I’d share some successful “luxury looks” without the crazy price tag to match. I hope to inspire you if you’re working on your own reno project – or if you need tips (or an expert just to do it for you) I’m always just a phone call away!

Okay…now on to the good stuff!

Here’s the truth: Finishes are how you drive a budget. My clients work with me (and continue to come back and work with me again) because I’m a very good shopper. What do I mean by this? If my clients are doing concept to completion, and we are in the stage of piecing together the aesthetics of a room (like the end of an episode of Fixer Upper when Johanna Gaines makes everything beautiful) it’s THIS phase of the project that is often my favorite part. If my clients allow me to direct the finishes, I’m really good with being creative and making it work. I love sourcing quality products and finding good deals, without sacrificing quality or impactful design.

Okay, side note…(but hopefully will come full circle because you’ll better understand why I have this knack of being ultra resourceful):

Raising a family with a house full of kids – 5 kids, means you need to be on a budget girlfriend. BUT, and I do mean a BIG BUT – not the BUTT like we wanna work out at the gym – (Besides I love the junk in my trunk). Anyway, back to the point. Budget – kids…AND my house and your house and my clients house still needing to look like MTV Cribs. I mean you don’t need to spend Neiman Marcus prices to look like Neiman Marcus! I respect the budget, and we get it done the right way without compromising quality and falling in love over and over again with the end result. Happily, ever after I tell you. It is possible. You need to choose the right contractor though. Wink, wink.
With that being said I want to put my money where my mouth is …

Check out some fun projects/products featuring clever tricks to create a bad ass look for our clients without making a crazy dent in their wallet.

DIY Vanity with Calacatta Quartz

DIY Vanity, Yes Please!

DIY Vanity – using leftover calacutta quartz from my kitchen renovation and 2×4 for a base. I could splurge on Arizona floor tile in the small space.

Rawr, Leopard Print is In

Leopard Chairs

Picked up these leopard print chairs at a garage sale in Laguna Beach! Love them! Funky Fresh. Rawwwr!

Awesome “Amazon” Type of Hood

Save on Hood Selection

Why spend a ton of money on a kitchen hood when you can pick one up that looks like you did on Amazon. Full height backsplash tile by Jeffery Court Tile. Cabinet hardware, Amazon.

Mis Matched Ottomons for the Win


NOT Matchy Ottomons

Picked up these two handmade no matchy matchy ottomans for my husband on Etsy. Such a great place to find one of a kind treasures. Tattoo by my boy Bradley at Dana Point Tattoo. Rug from Amazon Home – $20 dolla make you holla.

So, in summary – I don’t care who you are or what your style is. Traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or a little bit of everything. When it comes to a remodel, handling the way you shop your materials makes a HUGE impact on not just the aesthetics and the quality but also on the amount of work you can actually do. I want you to get the biggest bang for your buck. The very best value that doesn’t look like the very best value … shhhhh. Nobody has to know! Oh, and on the plus side ladies, your husband will LOOOOOOVE you. Oh, and like me too. So listen honey, it’s not just about who can swing a hammer and who has the lowest price on paper. It’s who you have CHEMISTRY with, who is the cutest (just kidding, not really I am serious),  the best installation methods, and WHAT IS YOUR PROJECT GOING TO LOOK LIKE. And lastly, price. That should be last. Yes. Last.


Yours truly,


What a Flippin Awesome Success Story

I’m just going to say it – the house we recently remodeled in Laguna Niguel was pretty run down. When the buyer purchased the home, he was ready to flip it – and I was thrilled he brought Apple Pie Construction on board to help make his dreams come to life! As we demoed the house by tearing down walls, ripping up carpet, and repainting walls – I felt like a real life Orange County version of Joanna Gaines. Not to be confused with the real housewives of Or-ange County – although I admit the episodes are totally binge-worthy.

Now on to more important things. Follow along with me today as I share a special insider view of this Laguna Niguel remodel (with before and after pho-tos) and some of my favorite design details.
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