We Love What We Do

Being in the service industry can be, wait, correction, IS tough. I don’t care what you do. Whether you’re a contractor, designer, social media manager, waiter, whatever. It’s challenging. You’re blending your personality with a personality or maybe a few personalities that might be a match made in heaven or maybe the blend “is what it is” not the BEST chemistry but this is “your job” and figuring out how to manage your own personality to benefit the success of your business is something you’ve finally learned. After all, not everyone has the luxury of picking and choosing who their customers are. Anyone who is in front of customers as part of their job I think will agree that we all want happy customers. The benefit; referrals, return customers, a great tip, how about a smile or even just a ‘thank you so much’ or ‘great work’ – that matters too. We also share the same goal. No matter if you are the one providing the service or paying for the service, the roles are also reversed every day. Our customer is also going to work or managing his or her business reaching for those same goals. Recognition for the work that he or she does. Working to take care of their families, pay their bills. We are all the same in many ways it’s just frame of mind and the way we decide to treat each other, handle situations, confrontations, and live our lives. This photo is a picture of a happy client looking at a bathroom remodel with my son that we did. The couple made him lunch every day. Offered water, snacks, smiles AND thank you’s to the crew EVERY DAY. What a difference it made on the job. For them, for us. Attitude is everything. You choose.